The founder is Agata Wiśniewska, a nail technician and nail styling instructor with 14 years of experience. She created an original technique of preparing nails “Nature Manicure” which we use every day in the salon. She is a laureate of the nail styling championships and a person of extraordinary accuracy and talent.

About us

Kreacja Nail Spa

Since 2019, Kreacja has been created by a qualified team, so you can be sure that you are in good hands.
Our nail technicians will create a masterpiece from each nail. Regardless of whether you have long, short, thick or thin nails, we will create a perfect nail style ideally suited to your hands. From minimalist, natural nails to nail art full of colors. Hybrid manicure, nail extension or gel nail styling have no secrets for us.


Our youngest Nail Stylist. She performs classic manicures as well as gel polish ang gel manicure. She loves Nail Art make up and good food. 


Nail stylist with many years of experience. She creates phenomenal stylizations and is a volcano of energy. She deals with hybrid and gel manicure. She will also take care of your feet during Voesh NY pedicure treatments.