this is one of the most popular nail treatments without extensions. It consists in applying the appropriate base, color and top coat. As a result, the nails are strengthened and even. It lasts for a maximum of 14-21 days.

our favorite type of nail styling which consists in strengthening the natural plate with gel or acrylgel. We recommend renewing gel nails every 21 days, thanks to which your nails will always be in perfect condition.

 using a special form, we extend the natural nail plate to the desired length. We recommend renewing gel nails every 21 days, thanks to which your nails will always be in perfect condition. In the case of very long stylizations, we recommend refilling them every 14 days.

classic manicure is a gentle care for hands and nails.
The treatment begins with the safe removal of cuticles and nails shaping, and then we move on to hand skin care. Sugar hand scrub and intensively repairing hand cream will leave the skin smooth and nourished for a long time. At the end of the treatment, we can put OPI Nail Envy strengthening conditioner and paint nails with classic lacquer from OPI, Cuccio Naturale, Essie, Mollon PRO

give your tired hands a bit of luxury. Versatile spa manicure sets in three versions that you can use separately or during any nail treatment:
Vitamin – infused with vitamin C to give you a fresh feel. Enriched with natural pink grapefruit extract, the spa manicure revitalizes both your skin and your senses to look and feel refreshed. Lavender – stay calm and relaxed with our spa manicure, which nourishes and de-stresses both the mood and dry skin.

Green tea – a universal spa manicure set contains natural green tea extract, thanks to which your skin moisturizes and provides deep cleansing. Stressed skin? Stand back – that’s a job for Green Tea Detox!


What we offer?

We offer comprehensive nail care, gel manicure, gel polish. In addition, you can use various types of pedicure and the very popular powder henna.

this is another addition to our services. Our clients can choose such care while making their nails (hands regenerate and moisturize, and we make nails in the meantime).
About VOESH NY gloves:
These are care vegan gloves that we put on during any type of nail service. They contain phytocollagen (obtained by fermentation of soy protein), and supplementary ingredients are: macadamia nut oil, vitamin E, Shea butter.

care spa pedicure without painting toenails. The treatment consists of 4 stages:
1. Foot bath – detoxifying and refreshing
2. Sugar peeling – gently exfoliates dead skin cells
3. Mud mask – cleans pores and smoothes the skin
4. Massage butter – moisturizes and soothes the skin
There are also variants with toenails painting with gel polish or classic nail polish.

express pedicure for women who want to focus on their nails, without smoothing the skin of the feet. Available variants: painting nails with classic nail polish or gel polish.

much more durable than traditional henna, it lasts up to 14 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair. Included in it ingredients such as lawsonia leaf extract, indigofera leaf extract, cocoa tree leaf extract have a beneficial effect on the nourishment and regeneration of hair. With regular use, eyebrow thickening is noticeable.