Safety rules

In the interests of your safety, we introduce new work rules and additional, enhanced safety procedures in line with the current recommendations.
For you, our clients, the most important changes in the way treatments are arranged. Please read them before you plan to visit the salon.
This policy will remain in effect until further notice.



 You can only arrange treatments by phone. The living room will be closed to outsiders. Only pre-arranged persons will be admitted there.


We kindly ask you to come to the treatments on time. Thanks to this, we will limit unnecessary contacts between customers and we will have enough time to carry out all necessary disinfection procedures.


Before the visit, each client will be asked to complete a short security questionnaire, which will be sent together with a message reminding them to visit.


It is obligatory to wear protective masks. Of course, for customers who do not have these safeguards, the salon will provide them. It will also be obligatory to disinfect your hands before entering and exiting the salon.

We are aware that all these safeguards are associated with certain inconveniences, but we strongly care that customers in our salon feel and are safe.